Nobody really believes in job security in the 21st century. Yet we still seek the illusion of security and the instant gratification of reciprocal income, all because we've been conditioned to see it as the "safest" path. When our illusion of security is shattered by retrenchment, down sizing, early retirement and other euphemisms for unemployment, especially in our 40s and 50s, and we realise that we're unlikely to find another job, we're left with no option but to go into business for ourselves. The challenge here, of course, is that 90% of all business owners fail because, despite being skilled at what they did as employees, when it comes to managing a business, they know next to nothing. In other words, we're very good at working in our work from home businesses, but we're ignorant when it comes to working on them.We've been educated and conditioned to think and act like employees and consumers, not free enterprise entrepeneurs and marketers. So, when faced with management and marketing decisions, we default to thinking like employees and consumers! .... Why is this such a lethal mistake?

Is A Franchise The Answer?

Too often we "buy ourselves a job" by exchanging our savings or payout package, or put our homes and other assets at risk, for a franchise. In reality, we become branch managers who accept all responsibility and risk for the success or failure of our branch of the franchisor's business. It's the franchisor who enjoys any real security!

Can it be done? Can you have an effective Work From Home business?

Yes .... but! The short answer is "yes," but there are some tough realities that need to be addressed first before you'll be able to find and recognise solutions that will actually work successfully for you.

Business realities :
  • It costs money .. lots of money .. to go into a conventional business, whether you buy an existing business, a franchise, or start from scratch.
  • You have a 90% chance of losing a lot of money
  • A work from home business system that offers both reciprocal and residual income is the best choice, because it allows you to earn reciprocal income quickly and predictably, while building a foundation of long term residual income using the 'McDonalds' process of duplication.
  • A work at home business opportunity system that allows you to invest time and effort, rather than money, is the most desirable option because it allows you to turn that initial investment of time and effort into cash!
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