Do You Know The Success Laws Of Business?

The Law of success in any aspect of life and business is deceptively simple. Do only the right things for only the right reasons. If you do, you can't make a mistake. The problem, of course, is knowing what the right things to do are. And what the right reasons for doing them are.

Few people ever do. Fewer than 10%, in fact. Those are the harsh statistics. You either know the right things and the right reasons, or you don't. There's no point guessing. Apart from the fact that you only have a 50% chance of being right at best, your conditioning will push you in the wrong direction when choosing.

You are more likely to seek the illusion of security, and do what everyone else does. Yet we know intellectually that 90% fail. Doing what everyone else does is really nothing more than a guaranteed recipe for failure. So to be ignorant, the biggest killer of all small businesses world wide, has us doing the right things for the wrong reasons, the wrong things for the right reasons, or the wrong thing for wrong reasons. If we do manage to do the right thing for the right reasons it is mostly due to good luck than good management.

So what about being self employed? Well there is no more deadly mindset than that of being self employed. The term itself gives it away. The only real difference between between an employee and a self employee is the degree of certainty enjoyed by the latter. An employee may only suspect that their employer is incompetent when it comes to running the business. The self employee has none to blame than themself.

Few of us know what we need to know to survive let alone prosper in our own businesses. In fact it has been estimated that if only 10% of small business failures could have been avoided, we could eliminate unemployment and national debt within three short years.

If we were ever going to free ourselves from the bondage we are in, and enjoy better health, better relationships, more money, more free time and more happiness, at the same time avoiding stress and the appallingly high risk and business failure rates of going into business for ourselves, we have to find better solutions, and better ways of implementing them and doing only the right things for only the right reasons.

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There is no security in life other than what we create for ourselves
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